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Alice – Tattoo Artist

About Alice

Alice is an Italian artist who has come to our studio from Rome. She is a painter, illustrator and has been tattooing since 2010.
She has worked for 8 years in Milan and Rome, and is back here in Melbourne now to create some great tattoo work!

Her style is a variety of fine line, watercolour, cartoon, realism, and fine script.

She has an original style which is fresh, and we believe she will create some wild and wonderful custom designs for you!

>She welcomes you to come and say ‘ciao’

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Bella – Tattoo Artist

About Bella

After finishing high school, Bella took a leap of faith and began her journey within the tattoo industry. She is a young and enthusiastic artist who has always had a passion for art, and exploring her creative side.

Bella’s inspiration stems from the world around her and the beauty it holds. Her designs are a reflection of this and are a projection of the different environments, cultures and interests that we are surrounded by.

She currently loves doing fine line tattoos, which are elegant and feminine in style. She is keen to develop this style, giving it a young and fresh approach. 

Come and chat about your next idea with this lovely young artist!

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Taylah – Tattoo Apprentice

About Taylah

Taylah has always enjoyed drawing and design and has recently completed her Communication Design degree at Monash, where she has been exploring design and illustration through different methods and applications.

Taylah is inspired by a variety of different styles and thus wishes to explore multiple directions and techniques throughout her time in the tattoo industry.

Tattooing is something Taylah has always wanted to do, so she is excited to start this new journey and develop her skills at the Joy of Ink studio.

She welcomes you to come and get an awesome design!

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Black & Grey Tattoos

Black & Grey Tattoo

Joy of Ink Tattoos offers the best black and grey tattoos by some of the best artists in Melbourne

Black and grey tattoos are still a popular choice for many looking to get inked. Without colour, emphasis is weighted on shade, line and subject. At Joy of Ink, we have over thirty years’ experience of artistry behind us – we can make your tattoo come to life.

Black and grey tattoos are all about attention to detail. No matter what you’re looking to ink, our team of expert artists offer intricate, considered and bold black and grey tattoos that you’ll be proud to show on your skin. No matter the style, no matter the subject – at Joy of Ink Tattoos, we’re committed to making your dream tattoo a reality.

We offer a half-hour free consultation if you’d like to bring in your design and talk it over with one of our artists. Even if you’ve got nothing in mind, we’ll work with you to find the piece that fits you. It’s obligation free, so why wait? Call us today on (03) 8555 9293 to book your appointment.

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Water Colour Tattoos

Water Colour Tattoos

For the very best water colour tattoos, speak to the experts at Joy of Ink

If you’re dreaming of water colour tattoos, the highly talented team at Joy of Ink will happily provide. With over thirty years’ experience, our studio can deliver exceptionally beautiful water colour tattoos that you will be proud to have on your skin.

Water colour tattoos have picked up popularity in the last five years for their free-form design and vibrant palette. Originally aimed to replicate the look of traditional water colour paintings, these tattoos have created an entirely new style. Looking like a piece of art was painted onto your skin, water colour tattoos have a unique look that stands out from the rest.

If you have a particular design in mind – flowers, paint splatters, wide brush strokes, gorgeous vistas or anything else, you can discuss your ideas for water colour tattoos with one of our brilliant artists and they’ll draw up a concept which you can adjust as you see fit. Our number one priority is that you leave Joy of Ink with a breathtaking tattoo that you can be proud to show.

We offer zero-obligation consultation so you can speak with one of our artists and get an idea of your new tattoo. Call us today on (03) 8555 9293.

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Old School Tattoos

Old School Tattoos

Joy of Ink offers the finest old-school tattoos Melboune can offer

Old-school tattoos have been around since, well, the old school – their bold black outlines and limited colour palettes were first a popular choice amongst sailors in the early 1900’s. Continue the legacy with your very own traditional old-school tattoos from Joy of Ink’s talented team of artists.

Whether you’re wanting a mermaid, pin-up, dagger, rose or a variety of other old-school tattoos, you can count on Joy of Ink to go above and beyond your expectations to give you a tattoo that will truly stand the test of time.

If you have a particular design in mind, bring it in and one of our expert artists will replicate it. Maybe you’ve only got a starting point – that works as well. We will happily work alongside you to design the old-school tattoos you’ve been dreaming of. Our first priority is to make sure you walk out of our studio satisfied with the service and quality of your new tattoo.

If you’d like to speak with us before making the commitment, we offer a no-cost consultation to discuss your design for half an hour. It’s obligation free, so why wait? Call us today on (03) 8555 9293 to book an appointment and chat with one of our friendly artists.

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Traditional Tattoos

Joy of Ink: Local Melbourne experts in authentic tradional tattoos

If you’re looking for something against the grain of modern tattoos, you could go for something more along the lines of traditional tattoos. Simple, retro and elegant, traditional tattoos have stood the test of time and may be the perfect fit for you.

The team of experts at Joy of Ink have inked a huge variety of traditional tattoos for years and years. They’ve stuck around for a reason. Traditional tattoos are bold, elegant and retro. Since the style first emerged, the continuing popularity of this style is a testament to its longevity – and its ageless style will continue on your body for years and years.

With their recognizable style, traditional tattoos can be easily designed however you want them. If you have a specific idea in mind, one of our artists will work with you to create exactly the tattoo design you’re looking for. Even if you’re a walk-in looking for a spontaneous tattoo, our artists have an eclectic range of traditional tattoo designs for you to choose from.

We even offer a half-hour free consultation to talk over your ideas – and if you have a design, we’ll make a mock-up. There’s no obligation, so what are you waiting for? Call us on (03) 8555 9293 today to book your session.

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Portrait Tattoo

Portrait Tattoo

Joy of Ink: Offering realistic portrait tattoos by talented artists

Portrait tattoos are an endeavor only fit for the most talented artists – it takes an extreme amount of skill to reproduce someone or something onto a living, breathing canvas. Joy, the owner of Joy of Ink, knows this better than anyone – with her experience as a freelance artist for the past 30 years, she has inked a wide variety of exceptional portrait tattoos. No matter who or what – relative, pet, fictional character or otherwise – provide us with a photo and we’ll do an exceptional recreation.

Don’t just take our word for it. Browse through our online portfolio and see what other amazing portrait tattoos Joy and her team have done for their clients at Joy of Ink.

Our aim is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all our clients, new and returning. We use all-new and sterilised tattoo tools and a non-slip hospital grade vinyl floor sealed at all joints, making our tattoo studio as safe as possible from bacteria. Not only will you receive premium quality portrait tattoos but the process will be carried out in an incredibly hygienic and well-equipped environment.

Even if you’re starting from scratch or have a jumping off point, we offer a half-hour free consultation to discuss your design and how best we can assist you. It’s obligation free – so why wait! Call us on (03) 8555 9293 for a chat or to book a session for your portrait tattoos.

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Geometric Tattoos

Geometric Tattoos

Sacred Geometry Tattoo

Are you looking for a tattoo artist with a true eye for detail? The crew at Joy of Ink have you covered. With delicate lines, perfectly rounded dots and gorgeous patterns we are experts in geometric tattoo and sacred geometry tattoo.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something big or small, extravagant or simple. At Joy of Ink Tattoos, we are 100% committed to inking only the finest sacred geometry, no matter what it is you’re looking for. Mandala, hamsa or dot work – our artists have a wide skillset and masses of artwork for you to choose from.

Visit Joy of Ink for expert artists and amazing geometric tattoos!

If you know exactly what you’re looking for, or even a starting point, will work with you to ensure your geometric tattoo or sacred geometry tattoo is inked exactly how you want it, where you want it.

Our dedicated team of artists will pay close attention to every line, dot and shade. We offer a half-hour, obligation free consultation to get the ball rolling – so why wait? First-time and experienced inkers in Melbourne can call us with any queries or book your free geometric tattoo or sacred geometry tattoo consultation on (03) 8555 9293.



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