Our minimum charge is $120 – $150 for a small piece and we charge per piece. You are quoted by the artist before the job.

Discounts are also automatically applied for large pieces of work.

We have a day rate of $800 for 6 hours

Capped Pricing Policy:

Your artist will give you a time estimate for how long it will take to complete your tattoo and will cap the price for you.

The end result is that you know upfront what your tattoo will cost so you don’t get a nasty surprise at the end!

Tattoo Process:

Getting a tattoo especially your first ink can be daunting; but the artists at the Joy Of Ink will work with you to make this experience as simple (and pain-free) as possible.

The steps toward making your tattoo a reality at The Joy Of Ink are simple:-
1. Book a free consultation with one of our experienced and friendly artists at the Joy Of Ink on (03) 8555 9293.
2. Collect as much reference material as you can so that your artist can get a feel for what you want. Google, tattoo magazines, your own sketches (stick figures are cool too) are some examples of where to source your references.
3. Bring your reference material in and your artist will work with you to sketch out a few concept sketches for you.
4. Once you’re happy with a concept sketch, your artist will be able to tell you how long the tattoo will take to complete and how much it will cost.
5. Your artist can then book your preferred slot for you; a deposit of $50 is required at this stage.
6. On the day, rest well and eat before you come in to keep your blood sugars up. Your artist will then begin the tattoo process and in a short time you’ll have an incredible art piece and memories to share with your friends.

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