Welcome to the Joy Of Ink Tattoo Studio

Our vision is to provide all our clients with a safe and enjoyable tattoo experience in a modern and clean environment.

  • What Makes Us Different

    What makes the Joy of Ink Tattoo Studio stand out is our gifted team of artists.
    We have some of the best tattoo artists in Melbourne.
    We are experienced professional male and female tattoo artist with diverse backgrounds in advertising, fine art, publishing, animation and graphic design; so we really understand the finer details that create unique pieces of art that are distinct from the crowd.
    Each of our artists will work with you to create an individual piece of art that you are happy with.
    Your Safety
    We open all our new packaged and sterilised tattooing tools (needles, tips, tubes etc.) in front of you so that you can be sure that not only are you getting an amazing piece of art but that the process is being carried out in the most hygienic practice available.
    Our flooring is non-slip, hospital grade vinyl sealed at all joins making our tattoo area safer from bacteria.
    Additionally, we use a “B” class autoclave sterilising unit and digital ultrasonic cleaner for all our piercing and tattooing tools to ensure ongoing safety for our clients.

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  • Your First Tattoo?

    Getting a tattoo especially your first ink can be daunting; but the artists at the Joy Of Ink Tattoo will work with you to make this experience as simple (and pain-free) as possible.
    The steps toward making your tattoo a reality at the Joy Of Ink Tattoo Parlour Melbourne are simple:-

    • Book a FREE consultation with one of our experienced and friendly artists at the Joy Of Ink on (03) 8555 9293.
    • Collect as much reference material as you can so that your artist can get a feel for what you want. Google images, tattoo magazines, your own sketches (stick figures are cool too) are some examples of where to source your references.
    • Bring your reference material in and your artist will work with you to sketch out a few concept sketches for you.
    • Once you’re happy with a concept sketch, your artist will be able to tell you how long the tattoo will take to complete and how much it will cost.
    • Your artist can then book your preferred slot for you; a deposit of $50 is required at this stage which will be taken off the final price of the tattoo.
    • Your custom tattoos artwork will be drawn up by your artist – FREE of charge
    • On the day, rest well and eat before you come in to keep your blood sugars up.
    • Your artist will then begin the tattoo process and in a short time you’ll have an incredible art piece and memories to share with your friends.
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  • FREE 30 Minute Consultation Service

    • Are you interested in getting a tattoo but not quite sure about what you want?
    • Maybe you have a few questions about tattooing but you're a little intimidated about walking into a tattoo studio?
    • Do you need an experienced tattoo artists guidance in bringing your ideas to life?

    The Joy Of Ink Tattoo Studio offers a FREE 30 minute consultation service.
    Our friendly and experienced artists will work with you to answer all your questions and to help you design a tattoo that you will be happy with.
    During your FREE 30 minute consultation, our friendly and experienced male or female tattoo artist will answer all your questions and we can also work with you to design an individual piece of art that you will be delighted with at NO EXTRA COST – of course, if you prefer you can bring in your own designs.
    We are now open 7 days including Sunday from 11am until late.
    So don’t wait, call the Joy Of Ink Tattoo Studio on 03 8555 9293 to book your FREE 30 minute consultation with one of our artists NOW.

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